Tutorial + Tool warning + More


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Server Tutorial!

A New Tutorial has been put in place for new players! (You can watch it by talking to the Tutorial NPC at Spawn)

Tool Warnings!

You’ll now we warned when your tools are about to break!

Miscellaneous Changes:

Added a few behind-the-scenes improvements.

Disabled the “Smelter” Enchantment until further notice.

The Merchant’s Item Shop and The Black Market now restock every 8 hours, rather than every 24 hours.

There are now limits on the amount of shops players can make. This is due to players flooding the shops list.

Players: 3

Emerald: 5

Gold: 7

Ruby: 10

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Netherite Shields not slowing the player down.

Fixed the “Saturation” Enchantment.

Fixed some Anti-Cheat issues