Winter Update


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1.18 Supported

Players can now join on 1.18! Although, the Server is still running on 1.17, so there won’t be any 1.18 world generation.


Winter has arrived to the Server! It is now permanently snowing. Spawn has also been decorated.

Frost Moon!

The Frost Moon Rises! This variant of the Blood Moon is slightly harder than normal, but has extremely high loot drops!

Grappling Hooks!

You can now craft several variants of Grappling Hooks! These are very useful for early-game. Their Crafting Recipes can be found in discord server


You can now create Elevators that can be used to travel up and down! Their Crafting Recipe can be found in discord server

Bed Explosions in the Nether!

Bed Explosions have once again be Enabled in the Nether! Have fun Netherite-Mining!

More Rank Perks!

Emerald Rank now has access to “/sse”, a Sign Editing Command.

Gold Rank now has access to “/chatemoji list”, a list for a variety of emojis you can use in the chat.

Ruby Rank now has access to “/RTP”, which is used to teleport to a random location in either the Overworld or The Nether.

Ruby Rank now has access to “/imagemap”, a command that allows you to put any image on a map.

Miscellaneous Changes:

The Nether and End have been reset.

[item] has been added back.

ClearLag has been added back.

/heads has been added back.