F.A.Q for the Season 3 World Reset.

Q: Why are we resetting the world?

A: The world is a year old at this point, resetting it will give both new & old players a chance to start from scratch.

Q: Will I keep my Rank(s) & Claim Blocks after the reset?

A: Your Store-Bought Ranks, Titles & Claim Blocks will be fine, you'll still have them after the reset. Although, your playtime will be reset, meaning you'll have to regain your Active Rank.

Q: Will my Inventory, Ender Chest, Money, & Stats be reset?

A: Yes, this is to give everyone a fair, fresh start.

Q: If I've been permanently banned, will I be unbanned after the reset?

A: No. Permanent Bans are Permanent.

Q: When is the reset going to happen?

A: January 25th.