Server Guide

Read About the server

Server Rules:

List of Server Rules and policy's so you don't get yourself banned for breaking any of the rules.
Server Rules

Active Rank:

Read about our Active rank that you receive after reaching 24 hours playtime on the server.
Active Rank

Main Features:

list of Main Features of the server that you will see on the server.
Main Features

Commands list

List of Server commands that you can use on the server.
Commands list

Custom Recipes:

List of Custom Recipes that you can craft on the server
Custom Recipes

Player Shops:

Learn How to use our Players Shops.
Player Shops

Custom Enchantments:

List of Custom Enchantments that you can purchase from the Merchant & Black Market Shops.
Custom Enchantments

Shopping District:

Learn how to use the Shopping District.
Shopping District

Voting & Vote Party:

Voting information of the server
Voting & Vote Party:

Rank Perks:

List of Commands and Features of the Server Ranks.
Rank Perks

Proximity chat:

How to Step-up Proximity chat so you can chat with players in game using discord.
Proximity chat

Earning Money:

Learn how our economy works on the server and how to earn money.
Earning Money

Land Claims & Claim Blocks:

Land Claiming information of the server.
Land Claims & Claim Blocks

Free District:

Read about the Free District on the server.
Free District