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Miscellaneous Commands:
/ignore (player) - Blocks a player.
[inv] - Posts your inventory in the chat.
[item] - Posts the item you're holding in the chat.
/trade (Player) - Initiate a trade with a player.
/trade accept - Accepts a trade request.
/trade decline - Declines a trade request.

Shop GUI Commands:
/shop create - Creates a shop. (Only works while looking at a Chest.)
/shop list (player) - Lists off a player's shops.
/shop view (ID) - Allows you to view and buy from the specified shop.
/shop delete (ID) - Deletes your shop.
/shop manage (ID) - Allows you to manage your shop without being at the chest.
/shop sold - Tells you which items you've sold.
/shop out - Tells you which items are out of stock in your shop.
/shop shops - Shows a list of every existing shop.

Shopping District Commands:
/ts addProduct - Adds a product to your shop.
/ts addCost - Adds the cost of your product to your shop.
/as addfriend - Gives a player trust-perms in your plot.
/as delfriend - Revokes a player's trust-perms in your plot.
/as rent - Rents the plot you're currently standing in.
/as unrent - Unrents the plot you're currently standing in.

Free District Commands:
/arm gui - Manages your plots in the Free District.

Voting Commands:
/vnext - Tells you when you are able to vote next.
/votelist - Lists all rewarding voting sites.

Bedrock Commands:
/geyser advancements - Shows you all of your Advancements.
/chunkvisualizer - Allows for you to see chunk borders.
/geyser offhand - Allows you to put items in your offhand.
/fb current - Tells you the biome you're currently in.

Info Commands:
/discord - Gives you the current Discord Invite Link.
/list - Lists all of the current online players.
/recipes - Lists all of the custom crafting recipes.
/news - Informs you about current server matters.

Server Side Commands:
/veinminer toggle - Turns VeinMiner on & off.
/sit - Makes you sit on the floor.
/sittoggle - Toggles the ability to sit on stairs and slabs.

Teleportation Commands:
/tpa (name) - Request to teleport to a player.
/tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request.
/tpahere - Requests a Player to teleport to you.
/tpadeny - Denies a teleport request.
/tptoggle - Toggles the ability to receive teleport requests.
/back- Teleports you to your previous location.
/spawn - Teleports you to Spawn.
/actp - Teleports you to your death chest.
/acfetch - Teleports your death chest to you. (Won't work in Spawn.)

Mail Commands:
/mail send (name) (message) - Sends someone some mail.
/postoffice add (user) - Creates a personal post office.
(Only works while looking at a chest, don't create one in a claim.)

Marriage commands:
/marry (user) - Sends a marriage request to a user.
/marry list - Shows a list of married players.
/marry divorce - Disbands your marriage.
/marry pvpon - Turns on PvP with your partner.
/marry pvpoff - Turns off PvP with your partner.
/marry hug - Hugs your partner.
/marry kiss - Kisses your partner.
/marry seen - Shows you when your partner was last online.
/marry tp - Teleports you to your partner.

Clan Commands:
/clan help - Shows the list of clan related commands.
/clan create - Creates a new clan.
/clan delete - Deletes an existing clan.
/clan leave - Removes you from your current clan.
/clan invite (player) - Invites a player to your clan.
/clan accept (name) - Accepts an invite to a clan.
/clan kick (player) - Kicks a player from your clan.
/clan stats (name) - Shows the stats of a clan.
/clan rename (name) - Renames your clan.
/clan show (name) - Lists all the players in your clan.
/clan togglechat - Toggles clan-chat.
/clan base - Teleports you to your clan base.
/clan setbase - Sets a clan base.

Home Commands:
/sethome (name) - Creates a new home.
/home (name) - Teleports you to your home.
/delhome (name) - Deletes your home.
/homes - Lists all of your existing homes.

Ticket Commands:
/ticket create - (Message) - Create a ticket.
/ticket update (Ticket Number) (Message) - Reply to your ticket.

Parkour Commands:
/parkour teleport parkour1 - Teleports you to Parkour 1.
/parkour teleport parkour2 - Teleports you to Parkour 2.

Claim Commands:
/unclaim - Unclaims the claim you're standing in.
/trust (Player) - Gives a player trust-perms in your claim.
/abandonallclaims - Unclaims all of your claims.
/untrust (Player) - Revokes a player's trust-perms in your claim.
/claimlist - Lists your existing claims.