Free District

Section 14

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Free District has return this season! With some changes on the rules.

1. Do not use the free district to build shops. Hence free
2. Do not use the free district to build bases, it is meant for community builds only
3. Do not claim a plot if you do not intend to build in it. you will have 10 days to begin building, or else the plot will be given to someone else
4. you must have 24h of playtime (active rank) in order to claim a plot
5. Please follow the normal server rules with your builds
6. No laggy builds. we try to keep things both bedrock and java compatible, so no builds that may lag out bedrock players

How to Create a Free District Plot
Come to this area of the free district if their is a sign open to use you can click on the sign and it will allow you to create a plot

Free Build Area!
If you want a plot without a limit to a plot size because you are building something pretty big you will need to create a ticket in the discord server under the channel name #contact-support and go into Free district and fill out the format provide. If you don’t have discord you can create a ticket in game requesting it.