Players Shops

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Once you receive Active rank you will get access to create Player Shops. Before creating players shops please do Read our Player Shop Rules.

1. Restricted to Players With Active Rank

2. Do not have a multitude of shops with minimal amounts of items in them

3. Shops owned by players with more than 30 days of inactivity will be automatically removed

How Does Player Shops Work?

1. You will look at a chest and type /ishop create

You will see this Screen

Green Glass Panel - Items for Sale

Red Glass Panel - Price to Buy Items

Chest - Shop Stock Inventory

Crystel - Shop list

Green Dye - Create

Shop Stock Inventory This is where you add items that you are going to be selling in the shop for example i’m selling Adams Heads and i want to make sure i have enough to sell so i’ll add alot of them, As will this is where your money goes that you earn.

2. Click the Green Dyle that says Create. You can find this on the First page that says your Name & Shop Number

Then You will see this Screen

3. Add Items from your Shop Stock for Sale

Right Side - Price you want player to pay for the items - Gold,Netherite,Iron_Ignots etc

Left Side - Items for Sale - Add Your Shop Stock Item for the item you want to sale

Once Finish it should look like this

4. Click Green Dye

When Players Open your Shop it should look like this now ( Particles should show on top of chest)

When players buy items from your shop it goes into your shop stock inventory.

Money you Earn.