Players Shops

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Once you receive Active rank you will get access to create Player Shops. Before creating players shops please do Read our Player Shop Rules.

1. Restricted to Players With Active Rank

2. Do not have a multitude of shops with minimal amounts of items in them

3. Shops owned by players with more than 30 days of inactivity will be automatically removed

How Does Player Shops Work?

1. Use /Markets to open up the GUI

This will show you the folowing things:

•World Map: View all Open Markets/Players Shops

•Your Player Head: Goes to your Market

•Gold Ignot: Collect Store Payments from being offline

•EnderChest: use to store any physical (item) currency that you want to use as payments for offers

•Banner Pattern: Offers. Use to View Offers that other users have sent regarding your items

•Paper: Requests. use to view all open players requests or to create your own request.

2. To create a Shop Click on your Player Head

This will show you the folowing things:

•NameTag: Change Market Name

•Book: Change Market Description

•Redstone Repeater: Market Setting

•Green Dye: Create New Category

3. Click on the Green Dye to add a Category to Sell (Name The Category Whatever you want)

You should now have a chest inside your Market Named Whenever you name your Category name

4. Click on the Chest.

This will show you the folowing things:

•Chest: Change the Category Icon

•NameTag: Change Category Name

•Book: Category Description

•Green Dye: New Item

5. Click on the Green Dye to Add a New Item

•MOBILE PLAYERS MUST ADD ITEMS TO SHOP WITH COMMANDS:/markets add [-nooffers, -wholesale]

Example: /Markets Add apples 1.00 -nooffers -wholesale (Whatever item you are holding will go inside the market)

6. You will now place the item you going to sell inside the empty white box

This will show you the folowing things you can change for your item your selling:

•SunFlower: Change the Price

•Diamond: this is the Currency your are selling it for

•Banner Pattern: Toggle Offer if players should make a offer for the item

•Red Shulker: Toggle WholeSale - By Default the price will be for a single item from the entire Stack/Stock if Enable thhe price will be for the whole Stack of item your selling

•Gold Ingot: Switch Currency your selling it for

7. Once finish click on the Green Dyle to add the item to your Category

You have Created a Shop! With Categorys and items to sell!

If you are online when a player purchased a product you will receve it in your inventory right away.

If you are not Online. You will click on the Golden Ignot to receve your offline Payments.