Proximity chat

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We have Proximity Chat on the server. Proximity chat is a form of Spatial Voice Chat that you can use on our Discord Server. When you join the Proximity Chat VC, you will only hear players near you. If your too far from another player, you will no longer hear them.

How to use Proximity Chat?
1. Join our discord -

2. Do /discordsrv link on the server

You will receive a Link Code in chat.

3. Go to the illusive Discord on the Right side you will see all the users on discord under Bots You will see a bot called (!ip) IllusiveMC (IllusiveMC#9681) ( You want to message him the code that you got in the server for example i got 7831 ill send him this code.

4. You will receive this message from him.

You will see this message in chat after you sent him that message

5. Join Proximity chat lobby vc in the discord server. When players join you for Proximity chat and you are by them in game it will automatically send you to a different channel and you will start talking