Server Rules

Section 1

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Be Respectful |Towards Staff and Players|

No Chat Spam. |This includes Spamming repetative messages, Using all caps excessivly, and spamming letters, characters and symbols in messages.

No NSFW Content/Discussion | "things you wouldnt wanna get caught saying at school or work"

Do not talk about Server-Sensitive subjects. These include: Politics, Old Staff Drama and more.

No Hacking

No Advertising

No Duplicating

No Greifing

No Stealing

No Claiming Builds/Storage Blocks That Don't Belong To You.

No Scamming

No Random PvP

No TPA Trapping

No Randomly Killing Pets


No placing random holes around spawn

No making random holes at spawn

No VPN’s Allow

No Exploits

Server Policy's:

If your claim expires/if you didn't claim something in the first place and someone steals from/griefs your land, you can fill out a Ticket & the culprit will be punished accordingly, but your items will not be reimbursed. The same goes for griefed land, it will not be rolled back. On top of that, if your dropped items get removed by ClearLag, they will also not be reimbursed.

Ban Evading will result in an ip ban. This means joining on a different account after being banned in order to avoid punishment. if you happen to get banned because a household member has been banned on the server, please make a discord ticket and be prepared to prove that you are two different people