Future of Illusivemc

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• Across the way from the warp hub we are creating a mini games hub area like the warp hub

• This area will have different single player gamemodes that don’t required a team to play (For Example we are thinking of adding Skyblock and Creative)

• Their will be 1 rank. that will give you all perks for all gamemodes (the Single player gamemodes only)

• Their will be no Hub in General.

Why are we doing this you may asked?

•people get bored of survival they have other things to do)

•They can stay on the server and enjoy them self still

•With Survival been hard creating new ideas. this will open the door to many more ideas.

•I'llusive slogan would be called we are Survival but much more

•We can increase on our advertising where we are sharing the server and not sharing our server to just 1 gamemode

Survival will allways will be our Number one priority, for bug-fixes and updates to come. We will be starting this project maybe sometimes in the next coming months as we look into the new minecraft update coming soon.