Battle Pass

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Daily Quests have now been replaced with a Battle Pass system, similar to Fortnite!

Do /BattlePass to open up the Main GUI.

Main Portal

MineCart - Rewards. Place to Claim Your Reward When you Reached Your Tier.

Anvil - Give you The Season information. The Week,Next Week,Season Ends (All Countdowns)

Enchantment Book - Give you all the Quests info.

Book - More Information

There will be 10 Weekly Quests for you to complete. (Hover Over to see the Quests Details)

Each quest will be worth 25 points on completion.

Each tier of the Battle Pass costs 100 points. You'll earn a reward for each tier. (Click on the MineCart in the menu to receive the reward)

The "click-to-begin" system has been removed. Quests will now be automatically started so you can work on multiple quests simultaneously.

you Must complete the Previous week quests to Move on to the next week quests

After a Season ends, You won't be able to complete any more Quests