Land Claims & Claims Blocks

Section 13

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You are able to claim your land in the server so it will prevent you from getting griefed or people stealing from you.

Good Tutoral video on claiming land-

How to Earn Claim Blocks?

1. You can earn them by playing on the server. 500/per Hour

2. Max Ammout of claim blocks you can earn is 10,000

3. You can vote daily on the server. 20 claim blocks per voting site. (if you alreadly have 10k claim blocks you will still earn the extra claim blocks for voting and doing challenges)

4. Complete Challages at spawn daily

5. Purchasing Claim blocks or Ranks on our store

/claimlist In game you can see a break down on how many blocks you use and the claim details if you get lost traveling home.

Claims do Expire after 30 days of inactivity make sure to stay active!