Server Rules

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╰┈➤ Be Respectful
Do not be disrespectful to anyone. This includes both staff and players. We like to keep chat among players as friendly as possible.

╰┈➤ No Chat Spam
No spamming chat, fairly simple

╰┈➤ No NSFW Content/Discussion
No content you wouldn’t say at school or work

╰┈➤ Do not talk about Sensitive subjects. No talking about topics that could start arguments among players

╰┈➤ No Hacking
Pretty straight forward. No using external clients or mods in order to give yourself an advantage over others.

╰┈➤ No Advertising
No sending links or other forms of advertising in public chat or whispers.
No using animals, withers or other things to advertising in/near spawn

╰┈➤ No Duplicating
No using minecraft or plugin bugs in order to duplicate items
Note: Doing this will result in an automatic permanent ban. No exceptions.

╰┈➤ No Griefing
No breaking items or placing items in areas that are not yours.

╰┈➤ No Stealing
No taking items from chests and other storage objects that are not yours.

╰┈➤ No Claiming Builds That Don't Belong To You
No claiming over things that don’t belong to you. This also includes claiming the direct area around someone elses build or base, preventing them from extending their claim.

╰┈➤ No Scamming
No scamming other players

╰┈➤ No Random PvP
No PvPing players without their consent.

╰┈➤ No TPA Trapping
No teleporting players into traps meant to kill them, or into areas they cannot escape in order to kill them.

╰┈➤ No Randomly Killing Pets
No killing the pets of other players. This does not just include tamable pets, because players may also keep pets that cannot be tamed.

╰┈➤ No placing random blocks or towers at spawn
No making random towers around the spawn area. We try to keep the area surrounding our spawn looking nice, and doing things like this makes everything look messy to new players.

╰┈➤ No making random holes around spawn
No making random holes around the spawn area. We try to keep the area surrounding our spawn looking nice, and doing things like this makes everything look messy to new players.
Also, depending on the size of the hole, this could also be a danger to a new player who falls in.

╰┈➤ No VPNs
We do not allow the use of VPNs on our server. This is to prevent players from using them to evade IP based bans.

╰┈➤ No Exploits
No using problems found within Vanilla Minecraft or issues found in the game without reporting it to the Staff Team
Using Client side changes to see things normally not visible
Note: This includes using auto-clickers and marcos whilst not being at your pc

Server Policy's:

【✎】All bans in the end are decided by the staff team based on severity. This means that depending on certain conditions, ban times may be increased or decreased based on staff discussion.

【✎】 If your claim expires/if you didn't claim something in the first place and someone steals from/griefs your land, you can fill out a Ticket & the culprit will be punished accordingly, but your items will not be reimbursed. The same goes for griefed land, it will not be rolled back. On top of that, if your dropped items get removed by ClearLag, they will also not be reimbursed.

【✎】Ban evading will result in an ip ban. This means joining on a different account after being banned in order to avoid punishment. If you happen to get banned because a household member has been banned on the server, please make a discord ticket and be prepared to prove that you are two different people.

【✎】If the staff team bans a user due to a player report, the report creator hands over the ability to retract the ban, regardless of any negotiations made with the banned player. Bans can only be taken back by a staff team decision.

【✎】We Don't do Account Transfers from different Accounts (Java/Bedrock.) This includes Ranks, Inventories, Mcmmo etc. If your account gets hacked, this is not our issue.