Season 4 Changes!

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4 Black Markets

We've split the black markets 4 ways! You can now find 4 different markets with different custom enchants, from the worst to the best!

New Black Market Prices

1. $15

2. $40

3. $60

4. $80

Shop Changes

•Black Market passes will be limited to 1 per person. (You now have to pay double if you wish to share passes!)

•You have to progress through each Black Market tier in order. (Worst to best)

•You can no longer sell items. (20% off when selling enchants is gone too)

•Shops will no longer restock items every 3 hours.

•Each Custom Enchantment can be purchasing up to 5 times only. (Subject to increase with community engagement)

•SallySpawners will unlock at Black Market Tier 2, and will rotate throughout the season.

•All Black Markets rotate every 3 hours with different items.

•Take a look at the Merchant Shop too, we've made some changes there!

You can Find all the new Market Changes here.
Shop Markets

Miscellaneous Changes:

Custom Enchants are completely removed from supply drops. We've added vanilla enchants to replace them!

We've reverted to the old Grief Prevention plugin.

Please use the discord server to request your claim blocks and your rank if you don't have it. Please Use the discord server to request any server bugs as will. (you can also contact me on the website on the green circle right side of your screen)

Discord server